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L'Aventure Fantastique

La Demoiselle
20 October
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I am Ku. This is my journal.

I'm on LJ mostly to keep in day-to-day touch with real-life friends, swirled, and uh...Diana, Macky, Kevin, and the twins (I'm tired of typing usernames). Damn. I really don't want a bigger friends page.
*is lazy* :(

Using proper grammar is not a problem for me--it's just a minor inconvenience. Be prepared for run-on sentences, Asian emoticons (^_^), poor spelling, and an incessant use of internet jargon (such as the term "lol"). I can be sarcastic. I can be an immature poo-poo head. Do not take it personally, and we'll get along just fine.
Let's hug it out, bitches.

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